NUI, Galway Quad Trees 

Welcome to the NUIG tree website. Within these pages, you can find out about the various types of trees located around the perimeter of the University Quad.

Over 100 trees have been labelled with QR codes and there is an individual webpage for each tree. Browse the Maps or Lists menus to locate specific trees that you are interested in.

If you are the owner of a smart phone, you can use your phone to access detailed information about any tree you spot while walking around. The QR code will take you to historical photographs of that tree so that you can see the tree’s colour, seeds and fruits at various times of the year.

Scan QR Code with smart phone
Scan QR code with your smart phone




Watch a video of a launch of the QR Tree Project during Summer 2013.

Video of QR Tree Project Launch Day
Video of QR Tree Project Launch Day

QR Codes in Action; Youtube video on QR Tree Project


QR Tree Project Youtube Video
NUIG Quad QR Tree Project

*QR code readers are available free to download on all smart phones. Check out where you download apps: iTunes on Apple devices and Market or Play Store on Android phones.

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