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Trees of Great Britain and Ireland by Henry John Elwes and Augustine Henry

On the 6th March, during Tree Week 2013, the facsimile of the book was formally launched by Sir Henry Elwes, great-grandson of Henry John Elwes and Dr. Matthew Jebb, Director of the National Botanic Gardens (right).


To celebrate its 70th anniversary, the Society of Irish Foresters has published a limited facsimile edition of Henry Elwes and Augustine Henry’s masterpiece using modern printing and reproduction technology. Each of the 3,000 pages have been meticulously scanned from an original copy in the care of the National Botanic Gardens. The 412 full page black and white platinum photographs, drawings and colour frontispiece pages are all faithfully reproduced. (Source: National Botanic Gardens website)

1850s Sizable Donations of Plants to University

National Botanic Gardens Logo

National Botanic Gardens Logo

The National Botanic Garden records from 1852 show donations of plants to Galway University.



  • November 12, 1852, 528 plants were sent to the President, Queen’s College Galway.
  • November 2, 1852,   340 plants were sent to  Queen’s College Galway   

One could suggest that some of these plants now from part of the tree collection around the Quad. I will investigate this matter further and see if the Botanic Gardens can shed any light on what was sent back then.

(Source: Dr Mary Forrest, UCD).


UK Tree Seed Bank

BBC News, Science & Environment website, May 2013 about UK Seed Tree Bank

BBC News, Science & Environment website, May 2013 about UK Seed Tree Bank

The UK’s first national collection of tree seeds has been established, which scientists say is crucial as a growing array of pests threaten native species, as reported by BBC News, Science and Environment website.  Co-ordinated by Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank, it aims to safeguard the genetic diversity of the UK’s tree flora.  The scheme will initially target 50 native species, including the common ash, which is under threat across Europe from ash dieback.

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