Silk Tassel Shrub



Silk Tassel Shrub  (Garrya elliptica) This is also known as the coast silk-tassel, silk tassel bush or wavyleaf silktassel. It is a species of flowering plant in the family Garryaceae, native to the coastal ranges of California and southern Oregon.   It is an erect, bushy, evergreen shrub reaching a height of 2–5 m. The long, hanging silvery catkins of Garrya elliptica (the silk tassel bush) are a striking sight in winter. With its evergreen leaves and graceful catkins, Garrya is an excellent wall shrub and a good winter-interest shrub or informal hedge. (Source, Wikipedia and Royal Horticultural Society, UK)

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Areas around Quad where trees are identified.

Areas around Quad where trees are identified.

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