Horse Chestnut No 1



Horse Chestnut  Crann cnó capall  Aesculus hippocastanum  6640 If any trees on the campus are massive it is surely this pair. These large growing trees with a dome shaped outline are recognised by their large digitate or hand-like foliage in summer and sticky buds in winter.  In early summer cream coloured flowers stand like candles among the leaves. In autumn fruit in shiny brown in a thick globular seed coat, which splits open to reveal a mahogany coloured shiny seed, known as a ‘conker’.  Native to Greece and Albania it was introduced in cultivation about 1616. These trees probably date from the 1850’s.   (Source: Dr Mary Forrest, UCD).

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Interactive Map

Areas around Quad where trees are identified.

Areas around Quad where trees are identified.

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