Photinia Davidiana

Photinia Davidiana Bush - June - Right Front

Photinia Davidiana Bush – June – Right Front

Photinia Davidiana and is also known as Stranvaesia Davidiana. Common name is ‘Stranvaesia’.  It is a species of shrub rather than a tree so it is grown as an ornamental plant. However, its size here might lead some to consider it a tree. Its flowers are white and grow in close clusters, followed by small pome fruits. It originated from east Asia and has been introduced to North America as a garden plant. Photinia can be evergreen or deciduous shrubs or trees, with simple leaves and panicles of small white flowers, usually followed by red berries. The Photinia Davidiana is a large evergreen shrub with elliptic leaves, some of which turn red in autumn and fall in winter; white flowers appear in late spring which are followed by red berries. Text source:; British Royal Horticultural Society:



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