Winter Flowering Cherry No 1

Winter Flowering Cherry 7526 June - Right Front

Winter Flowering Cherry 7526 June – Right Front

Winter Flowering Cherry (Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’). This tree blossoms from November to March, yet the lovely autumn flowering cherry, Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ rarely attracts fanfare. Ursula Buchan sings its praises. Sometimes the very best plants for the garden turn out to be right under our noses.They are on show in every garden centre, yet somehow remain a little disregarded, not receiving the fanfare that they deserve. For me, one such is Prunus x subhirtella ‘Autumnalis’ which really should be in all but the smallest garden. Why? Because it flowers off and on from November until March (something no other ornamental cherry does) and has bronze-green spring foliage and reliable orange and yellow autumn leaf colour. Source:

Here in the grounds of NUIG, this tree specimen and its companion tree next to it do not thrive. Flowering is sporadic and sparse. The bark is ill-formed and damaged looking; appearing to be the result of poor growing conditions. One Youtube video warned against planting it in chalky soil; not sure if this is the problem with this specimen. A Winter Flowering Cherry can also be found in Oxford Botanical Gardens and it is a similarly poor specimen. (Source: website author).



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