Snake Bark Maple

Snake Bark Maple 6559 - June - Right Front

Snake Bark Maple 6559 – June – Right Front

Snake Bark Maple (Acer capillipes). The various species of snakebark maples are most easily distinguished from other maples by their distinctive bark, smooth (at least on young trees), and usually patterned with vertical dark green to greenish-brown stripes alternating with stripes of light green, pinkish or white, sometimes with a bluish tone. Other characters include stalked buds with just one pair of scales, and flowers on arching to pendulous racemes. The samaras are small, and often numerous. They are small deciduous trees, typically 5–15 m tall, rarely to 20 m tall, fast-growing when young but soon slowing down with age, and often short-lived; they typically occur as understorey trees in mountain forests, often along streamsides. Source: Wikipedia.



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Link: Royal Horticultural Society, UK

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Link: Google Streetview - no direct photo of this tree but it is in this location towards the back.

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