Arbutus (Strawberry Tree)

Arbutus   0198 June - Right Middle
Arbutus 0198 June – Right Middle

Arbutus (aka the Strawberry tree) (Arbutus unedo).  A member of the Heather family this tree is native in Ireland, but not in Britain and links the flora of this country with what is known as the Lusitanian flora (Spain and Portugal).  Dome shaped habit, evergreen leaves, creamy- white pitcher-like flowers borne in September-October, distinguish this tree from other flowering trees. It is unusual among trees in that the fruit of the previous season is borne at the same time as the flowers of the current season.  The strawberry-like fruit are 2cm x 1.5 cm, about the size of a wild strawberry. They are edible but not palatable, hence the specific name unedo in Latin ‘I eat one’. Source: Dr Mary Forrest, UCD.



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