Small Cherry

Small Cherry - June - Right Middle

Small Cherry – June – Right Middle

Small Cherry Tree Small Flowering Cherry Tree (Prunus Cerasifera Hessei).  (TBA Рnot sure Latin name for this tree is correct ) A lovely small garden tree, the Hessei is a popular choice for a small garden. The tree itself is slightly lollypop shaped with a clear, straight stem and a bushy head. In March the branches are smothered in white flowers sometimes with a pink tinge to the edges. The foliage of this small flowering cherry tree is equally as attractive as the flowers. Leaves begin a bright green turning darker with a slightly variegated, irregular, mottled edge of pink, white and purple. The red, purple and yellow autumn colour is also a great treat. Popular with wildlife for its flowers this small tree will grow to just 2 x 2 meters in 20 years and is suited to most except wet or very shallow chalky soils. (Source:



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