Chilean Lantern Tree

Chilean Lantern Tree outside Anatomy

Chilean Lantern Tree outside Anatomy, July

Chilean Lantern Tree. (Crinodendron). One of the world’s most attractive shrubs/tree. A popular tree, the red flowers are really waxy and stiff. It prefers slightly peaty soil in a sheltered garden. Grows about 2m high and wide. It is named after the lantern-shaped, crimson to deep carmine-pink flowers, suspended from the undersides of its branches from May to August. This award-winning lantern tree is perfect for a partially shady woodland garden with humus-rich acid soil. Initially slow-growing, in cold areas it’s best grown in a cool greenhouse or conservatory to minimise the risk of frost damage to the young flower buds.



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Interactive Map

Areas around Quad where trees are identified.

Areas around Quad where trees are identified.

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